Lock Safari Vancouver, BC: Part I

Lock Safari Vancouver, BC: Part I

I recently had the opportunity to spend an extended weekend in Vancouver, BC.  While there, I indulged my desire to run around the city and its seedier parts to look for interesting locks.  “Lock Safari Vancouver” was a success – I found some very interesting stuff!  This post will be divided into two parts.  This first half will cover the more “pedestrian” Abloy, ASSA, and Medeco products.  Part II will cover the more odd and interesting.

Abloy: I found quite a few Abloy looks, but frustratingly none of them were door hardware.  I found only switch locks and cam locks (on apartment call boxes and mailboxes, respectively) and padlocks.  Most were Protec or Protec2.  The newer Abloy 330 padlocks of varying shackle-length were seen almost everywhere.  I was unable to closely observe the keyway on the large grey padlock in the center photo (below) but believe it to be an older (but still excellent) “Exec” model.

Lock Safari Vancouver Abloy 1 Lock Safari Vancouver Abloy 2 Lock Safari Vancouver Abloy 3








ASSA:  I was also quite pleased to find the ASSA Twin is fairly popular.  This design is one of my favorite high-security mechanisms (just behind the Abloy).  These presented on both residential and commercial applications.  Locks in the deadbolt or mortise cylinder form-factors were most common.  I also did not see any newer models like the V-10.  Rather, most of these locks were in the 6000-series.  Interestingly all the ones I was able to photograph did exhibit the “sneaky” key profile Han Fey talks about in page 9 of this document.

Lock Safari Vancouver ASSA 1 Lock Safari Vancouver ASSA 2 Lock Safari Vancouver ASSA 3







Lock Safari Vancouver ASSA 4

Medeco: Unsurprisingly I saw quite a few Medeco locks.  These were installed on both residential and commercial applications and came in several form-factors.  I saw deadbolts (residential), mortise cylinders, and one key-in-knob (KIK) cylinder.  The KIK was marked “GUNNEBO” – if anyone can give me any information on that I’d interested.  All Medeco locks were all of the latest m³ variety.

Lock Safari Vancouver Medeco 1

Lock Safari Vancouver Medeco 2 Lock Safari Vancouver Medeco 3







Stay tuned next week for Part II of Lock Safari Vancouver!

2 thoughts on “Lock Safari Vancouver, BC: Part I

  1. “Gunnebo is a multinational corporation headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, specialising in security products, services and solutions mainly in the areas of cash management, entrance security, electronic security and safes & vaults.”

    I used to buy nails made by Gunnebo here in Sweden. I guess they’ve grown since then! http://www.gunnebo.com

    What lock is that Assa lock? The assa-4.jpg one.

    1. Kalle,
      Thanks for that information – it is much appreciated! The ASSA in that photo looks like an early ASSA Twin (6000 series), as seen here.
      Thanks again,

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